June 11, 2020

Lancaster University tops the HESA renewable energy league table

Lancaster University produces more renewable energy than any other university, according to new figures released this month.

The latest statistics recorded in 2018-2019 and published this week by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show the output is double the previous year’s total.

The HESA numbers say that Lancaster University produced about 3.2m kWh in 2017/18 and just under 6m kWh in 2018/19.

Jonathan Mills, the Carbon, Environment and Sustainability Manager at Lancaster University, said: “Lancaster University has been working to reduce its carbon emissions since 2010, and has since halved its energy related emissions.

“It has invested in on-site renewable energy generation in the form of a wind turbine and a biomass boiler as part of a wider range of improvement measures.

“The output of each unit varies naturally, and the wind turbine’s output in particular is sensitive to changes in average wind speed year to year. “

The University is working to install additional renewable energy systems and to continuously improve the operation of its existing systems in order to help us achieve our long-term carbon reduction targets.

Source: Lancaster University, 19th May 2020

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