Graduate FAQ’s

Graduate FAQ’s How does it work?
These projects run the same as any research degree or PhD, but they also have an additional element which is the partner company. Each project idea originates from the company, so these are real-world challenges that you can help to solve. Your company is investing money and time into your research project, and will be available to support you along the way. You will also have an academic supervision team at your university which will help ensure your research is academically credible and deserving of the degree you are aiming for.
We have run over 90 of these projects and understand that there are sometimes additional challenges that a business stakeholder can bring. You will be mentored through this journey by an experienced post-doctoral researcher. These projects also bring enhanced opportunity for business experience and understanding, as well as the ability to make a range of contacts for your future career.
These projects are quite unique in that you are able to get paid to gain a postgraduate qualification, whilst gaining hands-on and relevant industry experience.
Do CGE Graduate Researchers work together?
You will be part of a cohort of like-minded and ambitious graduates, each offering support and encouragement to one another. However your research will be conducted independently with support from your academic supervisor(s) and business partner. There will be regular social activities and away days planned to build your cohort together and enable you to discuss progress and concerns away from the university in an informal setting.
What are you looking for in a graduate?
Our projects are varied and diverse, so the skills and backgrounds required will be different for each project. We try to put forward a wide selection of graduate opportunities. Look through these and find one which suits your personal interests, ambitions and expertise.
Will I still have an academic supervisor?
Yes. Every Graduate Researcher will have at least one academic supervisor, often several, who will support you throughout your research and prepare you for academic milestones associated with a Masters by Research/PhD. You will also have access to CGE and university/department support and activities which will enhance your experience and abilities.
What funding do I receive?
Each Graduate Researcher will receive £15,000 tax-free stipend per year. This is paid monthly after submission of a timesheet. Please see individual project adverts for the duration of funding, typically Masters by Research are 12 months and PhD 3 years. You will also receive a travel and consumables budget to support your activities.
For PhD projects, your business partner will fund your UK/EU tuition fees. Please note that international students will need to fund any additional international fees themselves. For Masters by Research projects, your business partner will fund £2,000 towards your tuition fees. You will need to fund the rest yourself.
Can I use my stipend to pay my fees?
Unfortunately not. Your stipend is paid monthly and should be used to cover living expenses. If you are liable to pay any tuition fees, these will need to be paid up front before starting your project.
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