About us

Driving eco-innovation

The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation is an award winning centre which supports the development of new products and services with environmental benefits.  The centre delivers high quality business led research, through enabling enterprises to access the expertise resources and global contacts of Lancaster University and its national and international partners.

Positive environmental impact

Eco-innovation is a key mechanism for delivering the changes required to respond to climate change and will support the global need to live well within the limits of the planet. It has the power to decouple global economic growth from resource use.

It is fully consistent with delivering solutions to economic and technological priorities expressed in other terms, for example, “clean energy”, “low carbon”, “sustainable agriculture”, “sustainable development”, “green economy”, “bio-economy” or “circular economy”.

Our track record

Established in 2012 as a multi-partner Centre led by Lancaster University, the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation demonstrated its value in just three years though the initial project achieving:


Solution focused

The Centre is solution focused rather than technology driven. It offers multidisciplinary solutions based upon the understanding and collaboration between universities, their researchers, and the business community. Click below to watch the highlights of our Showcase Event, where we brought these various communities together to launch this round of research:

A global network

Problems and opportunities may be local, national or global.  The Centre uses and promotes its international network of contacts to develop tailored solutions to global challenges, based on the highest standards of research.   The Centre creates, promotes and enables a network of partners which:

  • Share a common mandate to act as focal points for eco-innovation partnerships between research, business and the wider community
  • Drive effective interactions between research, policy and the private sector
  • Co-design and support research-driven partnerships with business to meet the specific needs of countries or regions
  • Build an international network of centres of excellence in eco-innovation

Join Us

To collaborate with the centre, please contact us.

Join us

We are seeking new collaborative partners to grow a sustainable and circular economy. We welcome enquiries from researchers, businesses, and other organisations. For more information, please see our contact page.