Delivering solutions for clean and sutainable growth at scale with businesses, communities and wider partners

Driving Eco-Innovation

The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation is an award winning centre which supports the development of new products and services with environmental benefits. We undertake R&D with a business focus, opening up access to university expertise, resources and facilities.

Business and economic growth can no longer depend on increased resource use. Eco-innovation is a key mechanism for delivering the changes required to respond to climate change and enables businesses to operate sustainably and efficiently.

Clean and Sustainable Growth

The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and was established in 2012 based on the University’s pioneering decision to place its world-class environmental research at the heart of driving innovation for Clean and Sustainable Growth. From its foundation, the Centre anticipated challenges and opportunities that have subsequently become accepted as mainstream in the UK and globally. It has been ahead of the game in anticipating the future direction of government industrial and clean growth policies. These challenges and opportunities are illustrated in recent government reports and strategy documents, such as the UK Industrial Strategy (2017), the Clean Growth Strategy (2017) and the 25 year Environment Plan (2018).

By developing the businesses and people vital for clean and sustainable growth, the Centre is on the front line of the fight against climate change. The Centre breaks the mould of business-university interaction, demonstrating that world-class University researchers working with small and medium-sized companies can deliver innovative environmental solutions at scale. The Centre is challenge led and solution focused rather than technology driven. We work to understand business challenges and then match our resources, expertise and facilities to those particular issues. In the words of an external review, the Centre is ‘an international exemplar for best practice, which many other Universities are now looking to emulate”.

The Centre builds on more than 50 years of world-leading research at the university, embracing multiple disciplines. It has created a model for interdisciplinary research with businesses and enhanced student experience. It has supported more than 700 SMEs since 2012, and two of its graduates won the prestigious James Dyson Award in 2018. 

Supporting clean and sustainable economic growth internationally, nationally and regionally.

The Centre led a Science Innovation Audit published by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy demonstrating that the North West of England has the knowledge, skills, place and capacity to be world leading in the development of technologies for clean and sustainable growth.  As a result it now leads a consortium of six of the region’s universities to support business innovate fora better environment.

Following from this delivery model in the UK, the Global Challenges Research Fund RECIRCULATE project supports African businesses and researchers to develop and deliver safe and sustainable water use. RECIRCULATE is led by the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation at Lancaster University, with partners in Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya and Zambia.