Researcher selection

Establishing your academic eligibility

Prospective graduates will be registered as full-time postgraduate PhD or Masters by Research students at Lancaster University within the academic department leading a particular collaboration with a partner SME. The academic eligibility criteria which must be met by prospective graduates and a range of additional information regarding postgraduate study can be found on each of the university website.


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Applying for a graduate position

Each graduate position relates to a specific collaborative project and the Centre advertises these, together with a description of the kinds of academic qualification and experience we think will be required in order to undertake the collaboration. These details will include the name of the collaborating company, the name(s) of the university and industry supervisor(s), the university department the project will be based in, an outline of the project and the anticipated nature of the collaboration in terms of the time and frequency the graduate might anticipate spending with the partner company.


How your application is dealt with

You will apply via the standard route for postgraduate applications operating at the Lancaster University. This application will make clear that the application is being made to the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation. It will also be possible for a prospective graduate to contact the named university supervisor for the project in parallel to this formal application process. If deemed suitable for selection then you will be invited to an interview and to find out more about the project.

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Prospective graduates would have or anticipate to achieve at least a 2.1 or equivalent undergraduate degree classification in a relevant discipline and area and on interview, be able to demonstrate the appropriate ambition and commitment to conducting a significant piece of original, collaborative research with a partner company, which can form the basis of a written thesis to be submitted in part-fulfilment for the award of a PhD from either university.

The selection panel will include the member(s) of staff proposing to supervise the project from both the host university and partner company. The first round of graduates will take up their positions by 1 October 2016, with further cohorts starting in January 2017, April 2017, June 2017 and October 2017.