River Power Pod


3 Year Industry-led Funded PhD: Ref. No. 36

Establishing a model to select viable locations for “in-stream” micro hydropower

In-stream hydropower schemes provide low-carbon and environmentally friendly renewable energy; yet is still in its infancy. Many pico/micro-hydropower scheme projects suffer from an absence of swift and cost-effective means of assessing: sites, their environmental impact, performance and commercial viability. The aim of this project is to develop and validate a hydropower assessment model, using GIS to combine with multiple inputs (e.g. LIDAR, satellite images) and in-situ data. The company is currently assessing potential sites for deployment of their ‘River Power Pod’ device, in association with government and non-government agencies, in Kenya, Nepal, Myanmar, China and the UK.

The aim of this doctoral research project is to develop a comprehensive, multi-method approach comprising analysis of in-situ data, satellite and aerial images, ‘remote sensors’ for measurements of flow and numerical modelling, to assess potential hydro energy sites. This project would be of particular interest to applicants with a background in GIS and/or remote sensing, interests in computing and working on applied aspects of hydrological research with our partner organisation Fern Innovation.

Industry Partner

This doctoral research project will be supervised by Lancaster University and @RiverPowerPod, an independent consultancy supporting the development and commercialisation of renewable energy technology; applying expertise developed in aerospace, energy and motorsport (F1 and Indycar).

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Application Deadline

This project has now been recruited.


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