Euriscus Limited


3 Year Industry-led Funded PhD: Ref. No. CGE48

Using advanced process control to enable the use of bio-polymer materials in the selective laser sintering additive manufacturing process

This industrial-academic collaborative project will develop a robust, economical and flexible advanced manufacturing process which utilises biopolymers, manufactured from castor beans. This new 3D printing process will enable the high speed production of parts with mechanical and geometric properties hitherto unavailable. This disruptive technology will offer significant environmental, manufacturing and economic benefits over traditional techniques.

The project is suitable for an Engineering Graduate with an eye for design. Commercial development of the initiative may offer opportunities for employment beyond the project.

Industry Partner

The PhD Project will be supervised by Lancaster University and Euriscus Limited. Since its start in 2004, Euriscus has developed technologies allied to the Additive Manufacturing industry. Its core business is the development application of materials and additives for the SLS process. Following a large investment in 2013, the company is now developing its own SLS machine, which it hopes will be released in 2017. It sponsors research work in a number of Universities, and has been involved in several Innovate UK funded research projects. Its core expertise is in Additive Manufacturing and software development. It also has a marketing arm which works in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Why Apply?

By joining the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation you will receive £15,000 tax free per year, have your postgraduate tuition fees paid for by your partner business, worth £4,121/year (fees for Non EU/UK graduates are subsidised from £17,085/year to £12,964/year), become part of a cohort of graduates working with an award-winning team on business-led R&D, and finish in a strong position to enter a competitive job market in the UK and overseas.

Application Deadline

This project has now been recruited.

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity please email with:

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