Recruited Projects

The following projects have had a PhD researcher selected or are interviewing potential researchers.

CGE 125: Bio-Shape

CGE 124: North West Energy Squared Limited

CGE 119: Trak Global

CGE 118: Apex Molecular

CGE 107: Bowland Bioenergy

CGE 110: The Miles Consultancy

CGE 116: Recycling Lives

CGE 93: Oak Technical Services

CGE 100: Lina Energy

CGE 109: C-Tech Innovation

CGE 86: Kerax Ltd

CGE 115: Printed Cup Company

CGE 10: Environment Agency & Cumbria Wildlife Trust

CGE 93: Oak Technical Services

CGE 105: Energy4All

CGE 101: Mobetrics

Development of novel plant protection products derived from horticultural tomato production waste, with Biotech Services Ltd, CGE79

Develop a cutting edge video analytics system that will be capable of detecting birds landing within the field of view of a CCTV camera, with Remvox Security Solutions Limited

CGE 98: Croft Additive Manufacturing

CGE 108: Ocean Current Power

CGE 100: Lina Energy

CGE 104: Invisible Systems

CGE 97: Remvox Security Solutions

CGE 80: Remvox Limited

CGE 109: C Tech Innovation

CGE 81: Hygiena International

CGE 101: Mobetrics

CGE 104: Invisible Systems

CGE 103: Adgro Consulting

CGE 88: Clean Power Hydrogen

CGE 111: EA Technology

Novel approaches for mitigating the environmental impacts of Japanese knotweed, with Phlorum Limited, Ref. No. 6

Providing client services for air quality, with JBA Trust, Ref. No. 9

Re-wetted land use capability assessment for NW England (ReLUCA), with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Ref. No. 10

• Evidence synthesis methods for 21st-century chemical risk assessment, with The REACH Centre, Ref. No. 22

A meta controller for building automation, with Demopad Software Limited, Ref No. 23

Using phytohormone interactions to improve nitrogen fixation in legumes, with P.I. Bioscience, Ref. No. 24

Smart grid connection of community renewable power system with battery storage, with Entrust Microgrid, Ref. No. 26

Research & development of gas & liquids powered materials processing phenomena, with TCL-CUMBRIA, Ref. No. 27

Low energy water quality monitoring of toxic metals, with Process Instruments (UK) Ltd., Ref. No. 28

Developing and testing a next generation carbon accounting tool for businesses, with Small World Consulting, Ref. No. 29

Establishing a model to select viable locations for “in-stream” micro hydropower, with River Power Pod, Ref. No. 36

Improving air quality, energy efficiency, well-being and productivity in private and public buildings, with NAQTS, Ref. No. 38

Towards more energy efficient thermal comfort in non-domestic buildings, with Hardy and Ellis Inventions, Ref No. 39

Highly efficient integrated generation of energy from biomass and waste using MIP gasification and fuel cell technology, with Stopford Energy and Environment, Ref No. 40

Crop abiotic stress modulators, with Redag Crop Protection, Ref. No. 41

Evaluate the Arvia Organics Destruction Cell (ODC) for the removal of persistent organic micro-pollutants, with Arvia Technology Limited, Ref. No. 44

Novel electrochemical methods for the production of cleaning agents to use in air purification, with Smart Separations Ltd., Ref. No. 46

Using advanced process control to enable the use of bio-polymer materials in the selective laser sintering additive manufacturing process, with Euriscus Limited, Ref. No. 48

Creating a disruptive business model to take a new and innovative technology to market, with Extreme Low energy, Ref. No. 49

Watershed services (local flood-mitigation and nutrient-retention benefits) delivered by existing woods, hedgerows and soil improvement practices within the River Leith basin, Cumbria, with Eden Rivers Trust, Ref. No. 50

Developing a sustainable 'lure-and-kill' control system for disease-carrying sandflies, with Russell IPM Limited, Ref. No. 52

Energy2.0: Digitisation of energy to create customer value, with Utilisoft Limited, Ref. No. 54

Optimising the use of cement bypass dust and other soil alkalising agents in agriculture to enhance crop yields, with Silverwoods Waste Management, Ref. No. 56

Development of point of care testing of critical and chronic health conditions, with eBiogen, Ref No. 59

Spring in(to) action - Predictive Valve Spring Dynamics for Valve Train Optimisation, with Force Technology, Ref No. 60

The action of a biologically active pest deterrent product, its activity and the impact on the nutrient components within the plant, with Grazers Limited, Ref No. 61

Application of Earth Observation data and GIS techniques to quantify Natural Capital and develop Agri-Environmental management plans, with Land Use Consultants Ltd, Ref No. 62

The use of amino acids to improve crop yields by reducing abiotic stress and improved nitrogen utilisation, with Environmental Crop Management Ltd, Ref No. 63

Reducing flood peaks with trees and other nature-based methods across the English catchment with the largest recorded flood discharge, with Lune Rivers Trust Ltd, Ref No. 64

Optimization of Phytonutrient and Vitamin Content of Salad Leaves Grown in an Intensive, Multi-Level Hydroponics System Using LED Lighting, with May Barn Consultancy, Ref No. 65

Novel applications for the Random Column Packing “Dixon Rings”, with Croft Filters Ltd, Ref No. 66

Do surfactant based wetting agents improve fertilizer nutrient-use efficiency for managed amenity turf grown in sand based media, with J Mallinson, Ref No. 68

Development of the Waves2Watts Wave Energy Converter, with Waves2Watts Ltd, Ref No. 71

Automation of a post-production treatment to produce large surface area uniform heating, with 2D Heat , Ref.No. 72.

Designing a Citizen-led Coastal Observation and Engagement Platform, with The Rabbit Patch Ltd Ref No 75

Development of a swirl induction device for the high flow rate Typhon UV LED water treatment reactor, with Typhon Treatment Systems Ltd

•Phosphorous Pollution of Catchments in Urban Areas, with EM Solutions

Machine learning for demand management within intelligent building energy management systems, with Qbots Technologies Ltd

CGE 102: Helispeed

CGE 99: Bailrigg Immunodiagnostics

CGE 94: Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd

CGE 90: Digital Rail

CGE 85: Ames Goldsmith

CGE 96: Browsholme Hall

CGE 102: Helispeed


"The facilities are second to none and the research quality is high. I have produced a PhD in an area of study I am very passionate in... my research has such a technical edge I never imagined it could have. My expenses covered my travel to Iceland - it really has been absolutely incredible to work out there. I don’t feel I can put a price on the experience I’ve had!"

Rebecca Burns, Researcher with Isoprime

"I was interested in an industry-focused PhD because it would allow me to contribute to fundamental science research, alongside seeing a direct real-world impact of my work. It was exciting to be able to be a part of a unique scheme and I am certain having this collaborative experience will be of a great advantage to my career!"

Stephanie Bryan, Researcher with Arcis Biotechnology Limited