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Launch your career in private sector research and development and make a significant contribution to the global challenges of climate change and sustainable development with one of the Centre’s funded one year Masters by Research, all of which come with a tax-free stipend of up to £15,000 p.a.

Current Funded Masters

Re-wetted land use capability assessment for NW England (ReLUCA), with Cumbria Wildlife Trust. CGE10.

Development of a cutting edge video analytics system that will be capapble of detecting birds landing within the field of view of a CCTV camera, with Remvox Limited. CGE 80

Is my water clean enough to drink? Investigation of the effectiveness on health of rapid water testing techniques? with Hygiena International Ltd, CGE 81.

 Precious metal recovery from fuel cell membranes, with Ames Goldsmith (U.K) Limited. CGE 85

Production of useful raw materials from the pyrolysis of waste plastics, with Kerax Ltd. CGE 86.

Water conservation treatments to maintain plant health within water limiting environments, with Agronomy Research Group. CGE 87

Optimising the generation of hydrogen as a carbon-free fuel for the future, by development of new and unique catalytic coatings, with Clean Power Hydrogen Group Ltd. CGE 88

Using artificial intelligence to identify non-compliance against engineering standards for railways, with Digital Rail Ltd. CGE. 90.

Exploring innovative outlets for paper mill waste by-products, with EnviroSystems UK Ltd, CGE 91

Research to eliminate H2S from gas to allow production and sale of power generation solutions, with Oak Technical Services. CGE 93.

Examination of the use of cheap, renewable non-toxic iron catalysts to manufacture spiroheterocycles, with Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd. CGE 94.

Feasibility assessment of a small scale hydro scheme, with Browsholme Hall. CGE 96.

Development of a control system for bird deterrence, with Remvox Security Solutions Ltd. CGE 97.

Recycling and reuse of powders for vaiour applications in additively manufactured products, with Croft Additive Manufacturing Ltd. CGE 98.

Development of innovative medical testing device, with Bailrigg Immunodiagnostics Ltd. CGE 99.

Developing new sodium battery ion technology, with Lina Energy Ltd. CGE 100.

Applying Smart City and IoT technology in the Lake District National Park, with Mobetrics. CGE 101.

Estimating energy losses of utility-scale wind turbines due to blade surface damage, with Helispeed Ltd. CGE 102.

Evaluating a range of bio adjuvant products for use in  organic and conventional crop production, with Adgro Consulting Ltd. CGE 103.

Smart heating controls for commercial properties utilising IoT technologies, AI and machine learning, with Invisible Systems. CGE 104.

The power of co-ops: investigating the potential of community-owned renewable energy projects for wide socio-ecological change, with Energy4All. CGE. 105

Plasma chemistry revolution of N2 fixation and C fertiliser generation, with C Tech Innovation. CGE 109.

Developing algorithms to deliver fuel efficiencies across vehicle fleets, with The Miles Consultancy. CGE 110.

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Current Funded PhDs

There are no further PhD opportunities available with CGE. However, our partner project Recirculate is currently advertising several exciting PhD by Research opportunities. Click here for more information.

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Our funding means that:
  • Your partner company will pay towards your tuition fees - see individual job adverts for details
  • All of our researchers receive up to £15,000 tax-free stipend per year.


"The facilities are second to none and the research quality is high. I have produced a PhD in an area of study I am very passionate in... my research has such a technical edge I never imagined it could have. My expenses covered my travel to Iceland - it really has been absolutely incredible to work out there. I don’t feel I can put a price on the experience I’ve had!"

Rebecca Burns, Researcher with Isoprime




"I was interested in an industry-focused PhD because it would allow me to contribute to fundamental science research, alongside seeing a direct real-world impact of my work. It was exciting to be able to be a part of a unique scheme and I am certain having this collaborative experience will be of a great advantage to my career!".

Stephanie Bryan, PhD Researcher with Arcis Biotechnology Limited

"I felt very fortunate to have conducted my research project in the campus’ brand new Engineering building, where I had my own office space and made use of their state-of-the-art facilities in the building’s laboratories. The number and variety of amenities available within walking distance, self-contained in the campus, never failed to amaze me. I will miss Lancaster greatly!"

Jonathan Longden, Masters Researcher with Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd


You can also

Successful applicants could

  • Receive up to £15,000 tax-free per year
  • Undertake a substantive collaborative project with a business with a base in the Northwest of England
  • Gain a postgraduate qualification at a reduced price, as your partner company will contribute to your fees. See individual job adverts for details, and see university website for published rates by year of entry.
  • Become part of a cohort of graduates working with an award-winning team on business-led R&D
  • Develop new products, processes and services
  • Be in an enviable position to develop a long-term well-paid career
  • Gain a postgraduate qualification from a world-leading university
  • Finish in a strong position to enter a competitive job market in the UK and overseas