Elimination of H2S from gas production in power generation.

Get paid to do a Masters with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation at Lancaster University (The Sunday Times' University of the Year 2018) and Oak Technical Services.

1 Year Enterprise-led Funded Masters by Research, Ref. No. 93

  • Get paid £15,000 tax-free
  • Have you tuition fees reduced. Your partner company pays £2,000 towards your fees, meaning UK/EU students pay £2,260, and International students pay £15,945.
  • Be part of the multi award winning Centre for Global Eco-Innovation with a cohort of 50 talented graduates working on exciting business-led R&D.
  • The Centre is based at Lancaster University, so you will gain your Masters from a Top Ten University, recognised as The Sunday Times University of the Year 2018.
  • Finish in a strong position to enter a competitive job market in the UK and overseas.

The Project

OakTec is a clean power technology developer, its core product being the Pulse-R multi-gas engine. There is global interest in small biogas engines for applications such as power generation. These engines can be applied to small anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the agriculture sector and developing communities. However, these AD plants often produce high levels of H2S. H2S contamination is a well-known problem and common by-product of the production of biogas, which can be dangerous to human health as well as damaging to engines. Certain inputs, which are often used in developing countries (such as animal waste), are inefficient and unreliable as they can lead to low gas output and high H2S content.

This research will investigate alternative, efficient and cost-effective solutions that can eliminate H2S from the gas to allow the sale of reliable, affordable, bolt-on power generation solutions. This could have a remarkable impact on communities using AD plants in developing countries, which are largely off-grid and lack a reliable energy source.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in the development and testing of an innovative and revolutionary technology. This position will interest candidates looking for a career in R&D, product development and product commercialisation.

Applicants should have a background in engineering (mechanical/process/chemical) or applied sciences.

Enterprise and collaborative partners

This Masters by Research is a collaborative research project between Lancaster University, with supervision from Dr Farid Aiouache, Prof Joe Sweeney and Oak Technical Services Ltd. OakTec is an engineering research specialist with a history of world-leading innovation in low carbon vehicle powertrain technologies, novel combustion engines and hybrid vehicle energy recovery systems.

Founded by Paul Andrews and Bill Meeson in 1999, OakTec is an independent company with a history in the development of novel technologies in the area of low carbon road transport and power generation. OakTec is now solely focused on the development and commercialisation of the Pulse-R™ engine innovation.

Apply Here

To apply for this opportunity please email graduate-applications@cgeinnovation.org with:

This project is part funded by the European Regional development Fund and is subject to confirmation of funding. For further information about the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, please see our website.

Application deadline: 21st October 2018

This project will begin January 2019