Estimating energy losses of utility-scale wind turbines due to blade surface damage

Get paid to do a Masters with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation at Lancaster University, The Sunday Times University of the Year 2018, and Helispeed Ltd.

1 Year Enterprise-led Masters by Research, Ref. No. 102

  • Get paid £15,000 tax-free
  • Have you tuition fees reduced. Your partner company pays £2,000 towards your fees, meaning UK/EU students pay £2,260, and International students pay £15,945.
  • Be part of the multi award winning Centre for Global Eco-Innovation with a cohort of 50 talented graduates working on exciting business-led R&D.
  • The Centre is based at Lancaster University, so you will gain your Masters from a Top Ten University, recognised as The Sunday Times University of the Year 2018.
  • Finish in a strong position to enter a competitive job market in the UK and overseas.

The Project

Wind generates 15% of the UK's power, with this figure projected to grow significantly. Maintaining efficiency of all wind turbines, especially those at sea, is a challenge. This research project will develop a prototype computer-based framework based on machine learning, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computer aided design (CAD) to estimate energy losses of utility-scale wind turbines due to blade surface damage. This new technology will provide a quick and cost effective way to monitor offshore wind turbines without having the shut down the turbine, allowing increased efficiency and reliability. This is part of a wider Helispeed R&D programme.

Candidates will have knowledge/experience of computer programming, CFD and/or CAD experience, and sound mathematics and physics background.

Enterprise and collaborative partners

This Masters by Research is a collaborative research project between Lancaster University, with supervision from Dr Sergio Campobasso and Prof Plamen Angelov, and Helispeed Ltd. Helispeed was established in 2009 and is based at Blackpool Airport in Lancashire. They provide a range of services based around helicopters to the international aviation industry; from pilot staffing and resourcing, ferry flights, flight testing to training of personnel.

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This project is part funded by the European Regional development Fund and is subject to confirmation of funding. For further information about the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, please see our website.

Application deadline:

Midnight Sunday 24th June 2018

Start: October 2018