Optimising the generation of hydrogen as a carbon-free fuel for the future, by development of new and unique catalytic coatings.


Get paid to do a Masters with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation at Lancaster University (The Sunday Times' University of the Year 2018) and Clean Power Hydrogen Group Ltd.

One Year Enterprise-led Funded Masters by Research, Ref. No. CGE 88

  • Get paid £15,000 tax-free
  • Have you tuition fees reduced. Your partner company pays £2,000 towards your fees, meaning UK/EU students pay £2,260, and International students pay £15,945.
  • Be part of the multi award winning Centre for Global Eco-Innovation with a cohort of 50 talented graduates working on exciting business-led R&D.
  • The Centre is based at Lancaster University, so you will gain your Masters from a Top Ten University, recognised as The Sunday Times University of the Year 2018.
  • Finish in a strong position to enter a competitive job market in the UK and overseas.

The Project

Clean Power Hydrogen Group Ltd has developed and patented a method of water electrolysis for the generation, separation and storage of hydrogen as a fuel, to sustainably supplant the use of hydrocarbon fuels for the immediate and distant future in line with the current government policy of decarbinisation and air quality improvement.

This project offers the opportunity to gain a Masters qualification working in collaboration with leading hydrogen fuel specialist Clean Power Hydrogen. Understanding gained through this project will be in high demand as we progress to a future of carbon-free fuel and as emissions from hydrocarbon-fuelled vehicles is reduced. The project degree fees are sponsored and you are paid a stipend whilst undertaking the research.

During this research project, you will look to optimise the electrical efficiency of the water electrolyser design and examine the potential use of catalytic coatings to enhance the oxygen evolution reaction (OER), and subsequently test and characterise their performance, with a view to creating strong commercial potential.

The applicant should have an engineering, materials science, chemistry or physics background and ideally experience with deposition of 2-D coatings.

Enterprise and collaborative partners

This Masters by Research is a collaborative research project between Lancaster University with supervision by Dr Nuno Bimbo and Dr Richard Dawson together with Dr Nigel Williamson and Dr Palma Gonzalez of Clean Power Hydrogen Group Limited.

Clean Power Hydrogen Group Limited has developed and patented new technologies to deliver hydrogen-based solutions for numerous national and international markets, including the transportation, power and gas sectors. The CPH2 Team has considerable experience of business and technology development in electrolysis of water for the production of hydrogen. Additionally they possess skills and expertise in gas processing and handling technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering, finance and regulation.

Apply Here

To apply for this opportunity please email graduate-applications@cgeinnovation.org with:

This project is part funded by the European Regional development Fund and is subject to confirmation of funding. For further information about the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, please see our website.

Application deadline

Midnight 22nd July 2018

Start date: October 2018