The research and development supported by the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation both builds and is built on effective collaboration. It grows effective collaboration between innovative businesses and researchers who recognize the need for their research to “make a difference” beyond the academic community. It also requires collaboration across the traditional boundaries of research disciplines, not just in science and technology but in design and the management sciences as well.  Finally, it draws on collaboration across institutions and countries to share best practice and to grow together to deliver a common goal of growing a sustainable and equitable future.

If you are an individual researcher or research organisation working in one of our six global challenges and are interested in working with us, then please contact us.



“The Centre’s approach to collaboration between universities and businesses leads to positive benefits on both the economy and the environment.  The Centre provides researchers with complex research challenges and we welcome inquiries from researchers interested in joining our global team.”
Professor Nigel Paul
Director of the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation