Case studies

Please see our set of case studies below showcasing how you can benefit from collaborating with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation. If you have any questions about working with the Centre, please contact us.

  • Technology Consortia Ltd

    Technology Consortia Ltd

    The Gizzmoto Pump: Research and development of gas and liquids powered materials processing phenomena.

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  • Fern Innovation & Green Tide

    Fern Innovation & Green Tide

    Developing environmentally friendly river turbines

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  • ICL with J Mallinson

    ICL with J Mallinson

    ICL reveal three-year wetting agent project.

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  • Edward Austin

    Edward Austin

    Edward Austin worked with Ginger Bakers, uncovering the export potential for this Cumbrian company.

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  • Stopford


    A Waste of Energy - Anaerobic digestion process regimes for energy recovery from waste

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  • Nimtech with Crown Paints

    Nimtech with Crown Paints

    In the loop - Using chemistry to design and develop processes which will create a circular economy.

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  • Arvia Technology

    Arvia Technology

    Water Treat - Optimising particulate adsorbants for electrochemical water treatments.

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  • Jack Poleykett

    Jack Poleykett

    Jack Poleykett talks about his PhD by research working with Partrac to develop the latest particle tracking technology.

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  • Bowland analytical

    Bowland analytical

    Anti-dotal studies - The occurrence, fate and remediation of veterinary antibiotics in surface waters

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  • Catherine Nichol

    Catherine Nichol

    Catherine Nichol, a BSc Physical Geography dissertation student recruited through the LEC 301 Industry Dissertation Project, worked with Costain tracking and recording their carbon emissions for the Heysham…

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  • ECO2


    What a waste - Developing novel structural composites from recycled materials

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  • HW Communications

    HW Communications

    Grid Smart - Intelligent communication management and control architecture for smart grid

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  • Arden Lea

    Arden Lea

    Water tight - Alternative water saving irrigation strategies

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  • Peak Associates

    Peak Associates

    A Plane Solution - The recovery, re-use and  sustainable treatment of  glycol pollutants at airports

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  • Arcis


    Pests in the press - Plant parasitic nematodes plague sports grounds

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  • Isoprime


    A New VisION - Evaluating a mass  spectrometer to reveal  sources of carbon in an  Icelandic glacial system

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  • Rebecca Burns

    Rebecca Burns

    BSc Physical Geography graduate Rebecca Burns undertook an industry-focussed funded Phd with Isoprime through the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation.

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  • Jonathan Longden

    Jonathan Longden

    A MSc Engineering student Jonathan Longden undertook a fully funded year in industry with Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd through the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation.

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  • Laura O’Keefe

    Laura O’Keefe

    BSc Marine Biology graduate Laura O’Keefe undertook an industry-focussed funded Phd with Green Tide Turbines (GTT) through the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation.

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  • Red Ninja

    Red Ninja

    Smart parking system integrating existing infrastructure and mobile technology

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  • Marlantech


    Integrated Radar System for Sustainable Port Operations and Coastal Resource Management

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  • Samantha Gray

    Samantha Gray

    Samantha Gray worked with Myerscough College to improve energy consumption on campus to fit in line with their Carbon Management plan.

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