Unearthing success

Unearthing success

Mole Group Utilities Ltd is a specialist in the development and commercial application of moling technology, used to create pathways for cables, pipes and network links underneath roads, buildings, green spaces and areas of historic value.

The company uses unique technologies which allow work to be done without having to excavate, giving access to jobs which other drill companies cannot complete. Mole offers a much quicker and environmentally friendly directional drilling service, which causes less disruption for clients and the general public.

This process uses much smaller and less energy intensive equipment and doesn’t disrupt ground surfaces and land. This is great for areas where work would otherwise cause road closures and subsequent traffic, cause the closure of green spaces or disrupt ecosystems.

Lancaster University’s Centre for Global Eco-Innovation supported Mole Group Utilities through a funded internship. Gabrielle, Lancaster University intern, helped to put in place a marketing and communications plan from a fresh perspective, identifying the company’s environmental credentials and unique way of working.

Gabrielle, intern with Mole Group Utilities, said, “This internship has given me with a greater understanding of small business needs. It was a pleasure to work with such a friendly, innovative team and learn about their industry. The experience helped develop my marketing skills and was very beneficial at the start of my career.”

This project has enabled the company to access new markets and customers, providing momentum and hands-on support. Lisa Furlong, Director at Mole Group Utilities said, “Gabi really helped us to understand how to strategise marketing communications and utilise social media platforms to promote our products and services. Unfailingly enthusiastic and positive, she was a delight to work with and I am sure there was significant mutual learning on both sides from this worthwhile internship.”

To find out more about Mole Group Utilities you can contact the team on 0333 335 9929 / info@molegroup.co.uk / https://moleutilities.co.uk


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This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.