A force to be reckoned with

A force to be reckoned with

With huge growth expected in the next 18 months and recent successes at the Automotive Alliance Awards, Force Technology is racing to the top. Based in Blackpool, Force Technology aims to be the world’s most technically advanced and innovative spring manufacturer. Novel product designs and precision manufacturing enables Force to produce high quality, high duty and long life spring applications for use across various markets.


Force Technology is halfway through a 3 year R&D project with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation at Lancaster University. Zewen Gu, the project’s Graduate Researcher, is developing a reliable and robust predictive system for testing springs used in an engine valve train. This enables the springs to be evaluated and optimised using a realistic modelling technique, rather than putting the springs through their paces in an engine for extended periods of time. Product testing can now be completed quickly and to a higher degree of accuracy. Using this technique, the performance of the optimised springs improves the efficiency of the overall propulsion system and subsequently reduces carbon emissions produced by the engine.


Steve Williams, Managing Director of Force Technology said ‘We’re half way through a collaborative PhD project with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation which is modelling complex scenarios to uncover potential product issues. We’ve already seen results we didn’t expect until the end of the project. This is proving to be incredibly useful research and having access to university facilities and expertise is allowing us to progress quickly and apply this technology to other areas of the business. We expect the company to grow by around 150% over the next 18 months.’


Zewen Gu, Graduate Researcher with Force Technology said ‘This project has given me an excellent insight into how a high performance valve spring is manufactured and the cutting-edge technology which Force is using. I am pleased that my research is able to contribute to the business.’


Force has a spring in its step and is now breaking into new markets and winning contracts with big names such as Rolls Royce. The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation is proud to contribute to Force’s success and work alongside such an innovative and ambitious business. We want to work with SMEs to develop new products and processes and make the transition to a lower carbon economy. Please contact Ian for more details:



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This research is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.