Driving eco-innovation in Africa: capacity-building for a safe, circular water economy

Lancaster University and LU Ghana are working together along with African businesses and researchers to develop and deliver safe and sustainable water use.

Through a series of interactive workshops hosted by LU Ghana in Accra, Recirculate brings together researchers, businesses, and policy makers from different countries and a wide range of disciplines to facilitate knowledge exchange and engagement to really make a difference.

The collaboration is a £6.8M project funded by Research Councils UK through the Global Challenges Research Fund GCRF), and will tackle the issue of unsafe or unsuitable water. Currently 800 million people, half the population of Africa, live without adequate water. Recirculate will use the expertise and resources of Lancaster University, LU Ghana, the University of Benin, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, to find solutions to these challenges. These four partners formed the foundation of Recirculate, but already the initiative is helping to grow a larger Pan-African network of partnerships.

For more information on Recirculate, and for how to get in touch, please visit the dedicated Recirculate website.





"The RECIRCULATE Knowledge Exchange workshop showed me that we do not need to understand everything to make the first step. The sessions were very, very interactive. I have never been in a workshop like that!”  - William Oduro, from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Ghana. 

 “Participants and training staff left the Workshop with tremendous energy, a new network of pan-african collaborators and the tools and mechanisms they need to start their knowledge exchange journeys. The learning from Lancaster’s approach to knowledge exchange and partnerships already feels as though it’s making an impact” - Dr Ruth Alcock, Head of Business Partnerships & Enterprise, Lancaster Environment Centre

“The RECIRCULATE training sessions have really deepened my knowledge on the benefits of inter-disciplinary research and the immense potential for collaborative research on the African continent. As a researcher, I think knowledge exchange through collaborative research is the way-forward in designing solutions for Africa’s challenges.” - Ernie Wulff, lecturer at LU Ghana