Evolving notions of food security

Evolving notions of food security

Thursday 23 rd June , 4pm – 6pm+ in the EcoHub

All welcome

Following the 2007/8 food price spike, the predominant notion has been we need to grow 60 – 100% more to “feed the world”. Despite the hopes of “sustainable intensification” it is clear that the direction o f travel of the food system is unsustainable, creating significant damage to the health of people and the environment (biodiversity, water and other services, and perhaps especially climate). New conversations are occuring about how to make the food system more sustainable, and along with these comes recognition that changing diets, and reducing demand, may play a very significant role. Eating healthily, eating sustainably and reducing waste may create considerable savings: the world already produces suff icient calories to feed 11bn people, so the discussion is not so much about growing more, but about growing what and how.

Prof Tim Benton is the “Champion” for the UK’s Global Food Security (GFS) programme, leading, facilitating and coordinating its activities. GFS is a partnership of the UK’s main public funders of research in food security, including the research councils and government departments (including environment, farming and rural affairs, international
development, health and business, innovation and skills). The role of GFS is to identify the challenges to food security, through a systems approach, and to ensure that strategi cally important research in this area is undertaken, often requiring an inter – disciplinary and inter – sectoral approach. In addition, an important role is to help the alignment and
engagement of different communities of stakeholders. He is also a leading researcher, based at the University of Leeds, on agri – environment interactions and finding ways to make agricultural production more sustainable.

Talk (around 45 minutes)
Q & A
Wine and cheese
For those who want to , we will regroup, glass in hand, to discuss the practical implicatons .
The event will bring together people from across the university, the city and the local area, so that the issuescan be explored from fresh angles in a lively but relaxed setting.
For catering purposes please let Amanda Fenwick know if you will be attending the event before 20 th June2016 via email: a.fenwick@lancaster.ac.uk