Chimneys: A Hidden Source of Energy Savings

Lancaster University recently teamed up with Cumbria Eco-firm Chimney Sheep Ltd for a collaborative piece of work. Chimney Sheep Ltd manufacture and sell an innovative energy saving chimney draught excluder. Made of felted sheep wool, the Chimney Sheep® fits snugly into the chimney throat just above the fireplace and prevents warm air from escaping up…
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Air Quality Links to Climate Change

Poor air quality is a global threat to human and ecosystem health, with climate change projected to exacerbate air quality problems through meteorological changes. Many air quality pollutants may also contribute to climate change themselves, making this a perpetual problem. Air pollution is a national and international issue, with sources of air pollution ranging from…
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Export Potential for Cumbrian Bakery

Ginger Bakers is a wholesale manufacturer of cakes and bakes. They produce an extensive range of cakes, tray bakes and free-from ranges, supplying cafes and delis across the UK. As part of the company’s growth strategy, Ginger Bakers is exploring potential to export overseas. Before any investment decisions are made, a Lancaster University student has…
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