Short Term Projects - 2018

Open for Business

We are now putting a call out for companies and organisations to submit projects which may be put forward for Lancaster Environment Centre undergraduate and postgraduate students to undertake as their dissertation project. This is the main piece of research a student completes whilst at university and will involve a large amount of input from both the student and the academic supervisor provided by the department.

Each year some of our Lancaster Environment Centre students choose to undertake their dissertation project with an industry partner. This enables the student to produce a piece of research that has real purpose and input into the commercial world and will also offer them the chance to experience working alongside a company partner. We have some extremely bright and enthusiastic students looking to work on a real-life research project. The company involved benefits from a significant resource and expertise for minimal cost to investigate a potential new product, market, technology, or perhaps something you’ve been meaning to explore for some time. To give an idea of the breadth of skills on offer take a look at our undergraduate and postgraduate degree schemes.


Student projects need to be tabled by 17th September 2017 to ensure they are ready to be presented to students. All of our projects are reviewed and assessed by an academic colleague to ensure it is suitable for the student cohort. Projects are selected by students to take forward by Christmas time (please note that there is no guarantee every project will be selected - projects which are not selected will not proceed but I will work with you to try and find an alternative source of support). Once selected, these projects will begin in the next calendar year. Undergraduate students will have 9 months to work on their project and postgraduates 6 months. The bulk of the research will take place over early summer months when they have space in their timetables to do so. I appreciate that these timescales are long but in return you are presented with a substantial piece of work which is academically accredited and forms the main piece of research for the student’s degree which ensures great effort is given from the student.


In terms of the commitment expected from a company, it is mostly time given to the student(s). They will want to meet with you at fairly regular intervals throughout the project but things are quite flexible. Some companies have the student work with them in the company premises for a number of weeks, others keep in touch via email and phone calls. This is very flexible and will depend on the activities involved and preferences of the student and company. Finally, the only cost to host companies is to cover any out of pocket expenses incurred by students – travel to/from site visits, field work etc. We will let you know if you’re eligible for funding to cover this expense.

Get Involved

Download your Student Projects CGE Template and return it to Fiona at  Finer project details can be agreed once a student and academic supervisor are in place further down the line. The process of undertaking a student project has been developed with the company in mind. All recruitment, interviews, administration and organising is handled by the Lancaster University team with a view to being ‘hassle free’ to partner companies.